Trinity Woodwind Syllabus

Check here to see pieces and editions for each grade.

Trinity Exam dates, Fees and Musical Knowledge

This document gives you information about how much it costs for each grade, closing dates for exam entries (please note I generally aim for sessions 2 and 3) and the criteria for the Musical Knowledge section. Please click on the link below to display.

Sheet Music Specialists

This is a good place, go here Sheet Music Plus, an online supplier in the US – usually quick and cheap or try the Book Depository. There is an online store for Trinity publications.

Flutes: Purchase, Hire and Instrument Servicing

If you want to upgrade your flute, this is the place to go! The Flute Tree

Sydney Band Instruments in Gladesville have options to buy and rent instruments and have pick up and delivery arrangements  at some schools. Please check with them. Fantastic personalised service and you can get a discounted price if you decide to buy.

Directions in Music – Phil Molloy and his team have been hiring good quality instruments for years.