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Caring for your Flute

Caring for your Flute

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Download this sheet to put in your Flute Folder to remind you how to take care of your precious new flute. Remember to always keep it somewhere safe. If you have young brothers and sisters, make sure it is out of their reach. Part of learning to play this beautiful instrument is keeping it clean and sparkling so that it always looks and sounds as good as possible.

It’s also important to be able to identify parts of your flute. Have a look at the picture below to check out all the different names.

Image of flute sections

Parts of your Flute


Tips for the Beginner

Girl playing fluteI’ve prepared a colourful sheet to remind you how to start your practice. You want to play as often as you would have breakfast – so every day!! At the beginning 5 – 10 minutes is fine but once you can play a few notes 10 – 15 minutes is better.

You may get a little dizzy after 10 minutes, don’t worry, it’s just that your brain is unused to processing so much oxygen. Stop and go and do something else then go back and try again later. Tell me in your lesson if this is happening to you and I’ll help you. It’s a bit like hyperventilating and sometimes you’re just pushing out too much air.

Here’s a fun reminder for you to print off and keep! Tips for the Beginner Flautist